Food Identification

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The purpose of this blog is to help you change healthy eating habits!  We hope to assist you with a “Deeper Meaning” yet simple way to help breakthrough your nutritional habits.  It is time to Wake up and stay alert to what your body consumes.  

Know your WHY with each food you consume.  Get over the hump of “I don’t like the taste”.  This is not about pleasure right now.  This is about good health.  For advanced food prep, foods can easily be masked with additional ingredients for flavor.  In the beginning I would encourage you to go as RAW as possible!  Get over your mental fears by identifying what the foods actually do for you.  Here is one simple example on how food identification can change your decisions for what you choose to eat.

Avocado – Eat the avocado because you know it will help improve memory, retain information, and make you a quick learner.  Avocado is brain health!  On a deeper meaning, avocado improves the frontal lobe of the brain.  

Knowing the importance of avocado gives you more clarity on choosing what foods to consume.  Lets make up a scenario.  Supposedly I wanted to add a topping to my salad.  I can add extra dressing, mozzarella cheese, or avocado.  If I am mentally prepared by knowing key benefits to key foods, then I won’t necessarily be selecting “avocado” but I will identify the food with mental focus, memory, and increasing my ability to learn.  Sounds crazy right?  Change your thinking. is currently experimenting with a new mission statement.  Thank you for understanding this specific blog is testing our new web hosting.  

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