Change: It’s what makes life worth living.

Change.  Most people cringe when they merely hear the word.  Nothing causes a sense of fear and insecurity like the unknown.  The thoughts of self doubt can be overwhelming at times.  Fitnessclick is all about facing your fear of change though exercise and hard work.  Regardless of where you are on life’s journey, there will always be room for improvement.  Exercise brings out a primal instinct that is en-grained in our DNA.  We feel a sense of accomplishment though hard work and pushing ourselves to the physical limit.  Its that athletic prowess that gives us the strength go get over or get though whatever life throws at us.

Whether the change you face is at work, in or out of a relationship, financial hardship etc.  The strength to get though it is within you.  Fitnessclick will  be your Colosseum.  Your stage to show the world your dedication to change.

This site will feature videos uploaded by our members.  The videos will be voted up by you for the challenge, uniqueness and relevance,

The videos will be categorized by the user in three categories:

  • Casual: If your new to working out and looking to get your fitness journey started
  • Elite:  You’re already dedicated to working out and looking for a challenge and also looking to challenge others.
  • Well-being:  Yoga, stretching, and core exercises.  Routines to maintain your shape and keep you in the game.

The change is within you.  Though that change you will harness the motivation to get though anything life throws at you


April 2017–>August 2017:  Harnessing the power of Change