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Approach On Change

Take your time achieving results when aiming for a healthy lifestyle and / or specific work out plan.  Often we become over excited with famous sayings like, Do it Now or Make it Happen.  I am not saying these quotes are wrong or to ignore them.  I am a believer for motivation when increasing productivity and results.  Just be mindful to have a realistic timeframe and be patient.  Results require a slow and patient process.  People often gain quick excitement when approaching change or a workout program, only to be let down from disappointment and quit.  Whether we are saving money, in a relationship, changing our bodies or strengthening our spirituality, our aim should always be for long term results and not instant gratification.  Here is something to think about regarding the value of subtle small increments of change.

Short term pain = Long term gain.

Example:  The discipline to set aside weekly time to prepare healthy food.  This may not be what something we want to learn or do (a common example is time) but will prepare us down the road.  Increasing daily healthy eating habits increases our mind capacity and physical attributes over time.  It is important to always function at your best ability.

Short term gain = Long term pain.

Example:  Buying fast and / or microwavable food and watching TV because your comfortable.  We may feel comfortable enjoying old habits but this can harm us down the road when we lose time, become unmindful on nutrition and become stuck in a rut.  Thus it becomes harder to convince ourselves once the burden of poor health increases and we fall behind.

As we continue to push this website forward we will provide more detailed information.  Until now enjoy our blogs that may help shift your perspective on change.

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