Coming Soon… Healthy Bone Foods  Broccoli Almonds Flaxseeds Kale Spinach Healthy Brain Foods and Cool Facts! Avocado – Rich In Fatty Acid!  Supports learning and information to travel at a higher speed! Sweet Potato – Acts as antioxidant protecting us from cell damage.  Helps form vitamin A which supports new growth in neurons. Purple Grapes – Helps support healthy blood vessels and prevents blockage.  Supports good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Eggs – Omega 3 fatty acid help support the membrane of neurons in the brain. Flax Seeds – Rich in brain-healthy fats.  Help build and protect neurons. Spinach – A good source of B-vitamin.  Supports thinking and learning. Lental – Includes iron which supports neurotransmitters and benefits learning, mood, and behavior. Whole brown rice – High energy!  Includes B vitamins.    

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