Overcome fear, Get Started

Growth is essential to life.  One of the greatest feelings to experience is the reward of gratification after completing a task.  We experience these feelings on multiple occasions.  Some tasks may be as simple as cleaning, studying, or cooking a meal.  However, with health and nutrition, their may be paralyzing fears that stops us from moving forward.

Because I do not know you personally I cannot pinpoint your fears.  Some of us are uncomfortable with gyms and lack the know-how to use equipments.  Some of us live active lifestyle but become complacent at our current level.  Some are unaware of good healthy habits.  Some of us need to get started.

I challenge you to let go and take your health activity to the next level.  This may include simply starting.  Go through a new challenge and feel the gratification of a completed healthy task.  Make a decision to further your progress and do not let fear paralyze your actions.

There is life changing power in small daily nutritional habits.  Consider each daily habit as a micro step to the big picture of a better you.  Continue to grow with time.

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